Exhibit Closes. Portraits go home to next-of-kin.

Official closing ceremonies for Faces of the Fallen, America’s Artists Honor America’s Heroes were held at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial, at the gateway to Arlington National Cemetery, on Thursday, June 7. General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave the keynote address. The exhibition closed to the public on Sunday, June 10. Portraits have been taken down, packed and shipped home to service members’ next-of-kin.

Special thanks to all those individuals, organizations and agencies who most generously supported the final phase of Faces of the Fallen, including:  

Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary                                                     
Department of Veterans Affairs, Media Services Division
National Park Service, Museum Resource Center
The U.S. Military Services                                                            
L’Academie de Cuisine
Lockheed Martin Foundation
Susan Davis International      
The UPS Store – The Village at Shirlington  
Ascin Loans LLC
The Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation      

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"To say that this exhibition is moving would be an understatement. Words always fall short when we try to describe our respect, sympathy and profound gratitude to those who have sacrificed everything in the service to our nation. . . The artists have succeeded where our words have failed."

- General Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (The Citizen, July 6, 2005)

 Faces of the Fallen is an exhibit of more than 1,300 individual portraits honoring America's service men and women who died in Afghanistan and Iraq during the period October 2001 to November 11, 2004. It has been on view at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery since March 2005. Talented artists from across the country have donated these works as their gift to a grateful nation and ultimately to the families themselves.

This unique tribute has been conceived and organized by private individuals and funded entirely with private donations. It reflects the desire, expressed in many communities and cities across the country, to honor these brave men and women.

Faces of the Fallen has no official status and has no connection to any government branch or agency.


Portraits of fallen American soldiers

 Faces of the Fallen is an exhibit in tribute to America's service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan which will open March 23, 2005, at the Women's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The exhibit will include over 1,000 portraits by more than 100 artists and feature a variety of mediums, including drawings, paintings, sculpture, relief, collage and textiles.

The site includes information about the physical exhibit, as well as a growing online gallery, where artists' portraits are available to view. Original portraits were painted on 6x8 inch canvas.

For more information about the exhibit, please contact us at inform@facesofthefallen.org.