“To say that this exhibition is moving would be an understatement. Words always fall short when we try to describe our respect, sympathy and profound gratitude to those who have sacrificed everything in the service to our nation. . . The artists have succeeded where our words have failed.”
- General Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (The Citizen, July 6, 2005)

Send The Portraits Home

It has been over two years since Faces of the Fallen, an exhibition of 1,319 portraits of American military killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, opened.  More than 200 artists from across the country created the portraits as gifts of admiration and respect with the intent of eventually returning the art work to the next of kin.  Since then, more than 650,000 friends, comrades in arms and family members of the fallen, as well as strangers from across America and overseas, have visited the exhibit.  Over 2000 articles have been written about our project in publications around the globe. It has been telecast across the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and was the subject of a 60- minute documentary on public TV in France and Germany.

Now it is time to send the portraits home – and we need your help!  

Your tax-free donation will help us meet the costs of deinstalling the exhibit,
and packing and shipping the portraits to the next-of-kin. 

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