Art Exhibit Fundraising

Fundraising is only the first step. Raising awareness of our cause is another. We display artwork that instantly captures the heart and imagination of our audience. Our first fundraiser sponsored by the Women's Memorial Foundation was an instant success when it opened on Memorial Day weekend. The artwork took an almost sacred appearance and proved to be a truly moving experience for all the people present.

Faces of the Fallen will honor our honored heroes for generations to come. The exhibit is a visual reminder of the price of freedom. We are organizing another major event to raise funds during the traditional Memorial Day weekend. We will donate the money to two charity organizations. Helping a Hero is an organization that helps wounded veterans with housing expenses. The second charity is Arts for Healing, which brings art classes to hospitalized veterans.

We intend to raise money to honor the people who have served in the armed forces and been wounded or killed in action. Your participation in this exhibition is an investment in the future. In addition to paying tribute to the fallen, your support will help ensure that the sacrifices made by these Americans are never forgotten.

If you want to contribute but cannot collect the financial resources on time for the event, you can take up a loan. Many former visitors have shared taking personal, installment, payday loans, auto, pawnshop, or mortgage loans.

We also welcome young volunteers who can help us organize the event. Learn more by reading the FAQ section, and drop us an email if you want to get involved.